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Full of spirit and sometimes-brash enthusiasm, the Maroo Kaumata II iPad 2 case is exotic, yet somehow close to home. Its dynamic print helps it stand out from the crowd, but the SG Bumper? technology inside keeps it all grounded. Like all of our iPad cases, it's even got a strategic camera cut out on the back, so you can take photos with your iPad without having to remove it from the case. It's fashionable protection that's also practical—what a concept!

In this image: Black leather cover for Amazon Kindle 3. Perfect for taking your kindle everywhere. SG Bumper technology for protection.

What is SG Bumper? Technology?

Here at Maroo, we know that accidents happen. Sometimes you drop your iPad. Sometimes it falls out of your bag or off a table.

That’s where our SG Bumper technology comes in. When the iPad was first released, everyone at Maroo rushed out to buy one. (What can we say? We’re geeks.) But we immediately learned that there really weren’t any good designs for iPad covers. They were hard to take on and off and none of them really offered sufficient protection.

So we challenged our design team to come up with a solution.

Our SG Bumper? Technology protects your iPad.

There were two challenges—finding a way to protect the iPad screen if it was dropped while in the open position in the case, and providing adequate corner protection. We needed a bumper that wrapped around the back of a chassis, and with the need for corner protection, a four-cornered bumper just made sense.

But in order for the iPad to slip in and out of the case with ease, we needed the right material. We needed something that would hold your iPad securely, but not so much that it was hard to remove or put into the case. We chose a TPU material, and after several rounds of design and testing, we came up with our patent-pending SG (Secure Guard) Bumper design. We liked it so much that it’s now on all of our tablet and e-reader cases, so even if you have a Kindle, you can rest easy knowing the SG Bumper technology is keeping your device secure.

So go ahead. Drop your iPad. With the SG Bumper design, we’ve got you covered.